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Fitflop Rokkit Pebble
Fitflop Rokkit Pebble
€127.61  €62.27
Fitflop Walkstar 3 Bronze
Fitflop Walkstar 3 Bronze
€127.61  €65.34
Fitflop Pietra Pewter
Fitflop Pietra Pewter
€115.31  €64.58

Fitflop UK

FitFlop is a great choice as, by using special technology, can focus on particular areas of muscles which need to be used when walking, running etc. FitFlops increase hamstring response, rectus femoris and thigh response. Every single step that you take with FitFlops slowly helps to tone your legs and muscles. Fitflop Sale hot online, will be your best choice.

New Products For November

Fitflop Electra Strata Palladium
€118.39  €61.50   Buy Now
Fitflop Fleur Slippers Black
€127.61  €66.88   Buy Now
Fitflop Walkstar 3 Blue
€127.61  €65.34   Buy Now

Fitflop Hooper Toffee
€119.92  €63.81   Buy Now
Fitflop Trakk Black
€118.39  €66.88   Buy Now
Fitflop Fleur Black
€127.61  €66.88   Buy Now

Monthly Specials For November

Fitflop Rebel Black
€110.70  €63.04   Buy Now
Fitflop Rokkit Purple
€127.61  €62.27   Buy Now
Fitflop Suisei Single Color Black
€123.00  €65.34   Buy Now

Fitflop Via Grey
€127.61  €68.42   Buy Now
FitFlop Pietra Black With Round Beads
€119.92  €64.58   Buy Now
Fitflop Flare Black
€127.61  €69.19   Buy Now